What is KidZania?

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The First KidZania

Was founded in Mexico in 1999. Today the parks are open worldwide.

From 4 to 14

KidZania is designed for children from 4 to 14 years old.


There are around 100 professions at each park children can try.

KidZania is not like other entertainment parks. Here we do not indulge in children's whims — instead we offer them useful knowledge, experiences and a chance to be independent.

Here Everyone Can Be Whoever They Want to Be!
Entertaining and educational
Every activity at KidZania is the perfect combination of fun and learning. For example, children learn about human anatomy while performing surgery on a mannequin at the Hospital, or get a degree in archaeology at the University, or create a nutrition & workout plan at the Fitness Studio… Each activity is created by professional educators to blend in local school curriculum for deeper, more advanced outside-the-classroom learning.

Rest assured that at KidZania, your kids are learning while having fun!
"Kai" in KidZanian stands for "hi". Yes, KidZanians have their own language!
A Real City for Little Heroes
The journey to KidZania begins at the airport, featuring a real Boeing-737 fuselage that metaphorically transports you to the city built for kids, run by kids. Enter the city and look around — everything is real, too! From the paved streets to the monuments, to all the equipment and tools children use in the activities – the park is ultra-realistic and completely immersive. This is not a make-believe town. This is a city bustling on kid power!
Bicycle Repair & Testing Lab
Trades Academy
Chocolate Factory
Interactive Bakery
SuperFood Lab
Corner Store
Early Stimulation Center
Science Lab
Emergency Exit
Emergency Exit
KidZania Shop
Mooyah Burgers Fries Shakes
Pie Five Pizza
First Aid
Eye Care Center
Aviation Academy
Departures – Park Exit
TV & Media Studio
Sports Medicine Center
Dental Clinic
Crime Scene Investigation
Police Department
Courier Service
Natural Disaster Training Center
Styling Salon & Barbershop
Match Factory
Recycling Center
Zity Tour Bus
PaZZport Office
Music Studio
Government Office
Creative Design Studio
Animation Studio
Department Store
Media Center
Vet Clinic
Fashion Studio
Acting Academy
Fitness Training Center
Fire Department
Rope Access Training
Podcast Studio
Hospital/Emergency Room
Steel Structure
Construction Site
Mini Driving Circuit
Organic Farm
Open Stage
Go to the B•KidZanian Office inside the park to learn more and get your PaZZport!
There are three tiers of CitiZenship at KidZania:
  • Naturalized CitiZen
  • Distinguished CitiZen
  • Honorable CitiZen
You get your Naturalized CitiZen PaZZport upon enrollment, and with each 30 stamps from professions you get upgraded one tier for more discounts and savings!
Children feel empowered when they receive their very own personal PaZZport of the Nation of KidZania.
They will be able to collect stamps from each profession they master, get discounts on food and experiences, and parents can set up an online resumé to track all their kid's activities at the park!

Every child can become a CitiZen of KidZania and get their very own personal PaZZport — with their picture and name, just like real!

In the Emirates children prefer to spend the money right away, while in Mexico they usually chip in to buy something valuable together.
The official currency of KidZania is kidZo. At the beginning of the visit, every child gets a personal debit card that they will use to earn a salary in each profession. The kids exercise independence when deciding what to do with their money: open a savings account, pay for a bus tour of the city, or, spend it all on toys at the Department Store.

The first salary will likely not be enough to cover everything at once — children will have to make their first financial decisions.

Not only do kids master professions at KidZania, but they also get their first financial literacy lessons.

Real Currency and Economy
Food and Beverage

At KidZania, there are several food and beverage locations for guests to enjoy, such as Pie Five Pizza, Happy Taco, a Bakery and a mini 7-Eleven.

At the Interactive Restaurants (Pie Five, Happy Taco, and the Bakery), families have the opportunity to make their own pizza or French fries, or even decorate their own cupcakes. The ingredients are paid for with US dollars separately.
100+ Activities for Kids
Meet Our Team
Join The Team
Join The Team
Security and Accessibility

Safety and security of our visitors has always been KidZania's priority. At the entrance to the park, each child gets a unique RFID-chip bracelet, electronically matching them with their parent/guardian for the duration of the visit. The bracelet tracks real-time location of the kid inside the park. No child can leave the premises without the adult with a matching bracelet.

KidZania has no blind spots throughout the park and is so safe that if your kid is 8 or older, you can drop them off at KidZania for an independent visit. They will not be able to leave the park until you pick them up, providing your RFID bracelet to the staff members at the counter.


We believe that no child should lack the opportunity to experience KidZania. That is why we created the park as an inclusive environment, where every child is welcome to play and communicate with others.

The park is entirely accessible for people with mobility impairment. Apart from that, all our staff members have been trained to be able to effectively communicate with children with special needs.

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