ABC Home & Commercial Services Home Services Center
Handyman (Flooring & Wall Décor)
At ABC Home Services our Handypersons are recruited to provide an array of services like: kitchen renovation, replace flooring, mount cabinets and help with home decor. They also help with plumbing services. Another pest specialist team conducts a regular check for pest in the city. The pest specialist knows the difference between good bugs and bad bugs. They visit the city with their pest control kits and secure the homes and commercial properties.

Pest Control
The pest specialist knows the difference between good bugs and bad bugs. They visit the city with their pest control kits and secure the homes and commercial properties.
Proudly partnered with ABC Home & Commercial:
Acting Academy
KidZania Acting Academy offers a unique and fun-filled experience for our little performers! KidZania thespians train in acting technique and do a quick rehearsal before starring in masterpieces of world literature and cinema, adapted for the stage, and condensed into a short yet engaging narrative.
American Airlines Aviation Academy
Visitors learn how to take to the skies as a Pilot at our Aviation Academy. When in training, they will use a-state-of-the-art flight simulator based on an actual Boeing-737 plane! They will learn how to fly and land a plane… but watch out! They may find themselves facing difficult challenges that a pilot could face in the air. Pilots should remember to pack some extra courage and composure in their baggage in preparation for their flight!

Cabin Crew
Visitors get to roleplay as flight Attendants who exercise highest quality of service and safety protocols. Visitors will refine their communication and coordination skills as they perform exclusive cabin crew duties. They carry out pre-flight duties, welcome passengers, demonstrate the safety procedures and equipment and ensure that the passengers have a pleasant flying experience.

Parents of Cabin Crew trainees are welcome to come aboard and participate as passengers.
Proudly partnered with American Airlines:
Animation Studio
Most visitors watch cartoons. At KidZania, our visitors get to watch them AND make them! In our Animation Studio, visitors will be able illustrate and bring alive their stories. They will explore the animation process; from creative brainstorming to storyboarding, from choosing a stop-motion technique to production, from editing to the final cut. Time to work up their creativity and explore technical and imagination skills!
Avocados From Mexico AVO Superfood Studio
At the Avocados from Mexico AVO Superfood Studio, visitors are recruited as the Avo-chefs. Here they understand the nutritional value of the fruit, how it is grown, harvested, sorted, ripened before putting them on the shelf. Once they understand the process, they create a delicious and nutritious guacamole dish with avocados.
Proudly partnered with Avocados from Mexico:
BIC Creative Design Studio
Comic Book Writer
Working on a sequential story concept, children fuel their imaginations by developing and producing their own comic book from scratch. The finished product is photographed and printed, making a Zuper Kool handwritten comic book for visitors to take home, along with a memorable experience.

Visitors understand the importance of creating a relatable brand. They are given a real-life situation where various design needs are presented to them. Based on the industries they cater to, the illustrators come up with logo suggestions and designs to meet the brief of the client.
Proudly partnered with BIC:
Bubly Open Stage
Creative Play
This is part of the Toddler's Neighborhood. Visitors (3 years and under) can participate (by themselves or alongside their parents) in a puppet show, magic show, classic play, learn and perform international folklore and other dances, or enjoy a show as spectators.
Proudly partnered with Bubly:
Chase Bank
Visitors get a bank account with their hard-earned kidZos at the Chase Bank of KidZania! You can check your balance using the ATMs across the city.

Financial Consultant
«Beyond setting up an account, visitors will have multiple opportunities to learn financial literacy skills at Chase Bank. They will understand the 4 pillars to building a wholesome financial portfolio: Earn, Save, Spend and Donate! Come on over and put those hard-earned kidZos to work! We're 'accounting' on you!
Proudly partnered with Chase:
Chobani Yogurt Innovation Factory
Yogurt Innovator
Visitors work as innovators learning and implementing authentic processes to make nutritious and delicious Greek yogurt. Using the traditional formula, they work with machines to process different stages of making a Chobani Flip yogurt. They learn the process from receiving milk, pasteurization, fermentation, quality check and packaging.
Proudly partnered with Chobani:
CSI Forensics Lab
Crime Scene Investigator
Crime Scene Investigators analyze CCTV footage, fingerprints, handwriting and hair samples to piece together clues to solve mysterious cases around KidZania. There's even a real car crash on the street of KidZania that you get to examine for clues – talk about realistic role-play!
Dental Clinic
No need to wait for the tooth fairy- visitors can earn kidZos right away by training as a Dentist at KidZania. They will learn how to keep teeth shiny and healthy, discovering helpful info about good brushing technique, flossing, and the roles of each type of tooth. They can then test their skills by treating a patient with cavities, using dental equipment to remove plaque, and giving them fillings. With all that Zuper Kool experience, imagine how much brighter their smile will be!
Department Store
At the end of their visit, children can exchange their play money for toys, candy, and other fun memorable items inside the Department Store. Children get to decide whether to spend their money all at once or save them for the next visit and get that awesome toy on the top shelf that caught their eye.
This is part of the Toddler's Neighborhood. Visitors (3 years and under) cook up fun at the Diner, enhancing their hand-eye coordination as they prep meals.
Driving Circuit
This is part of the Toddler's Neighborhood. Visitors (2 years – 4 years) take a drive down KidZania streets – but watch out for those bumps on the road, woah! The Driving circuit will be the favorite activity of the littlest visitors of the city built for kids, run by kids!
Early Stimulation Center
This is part of the Toddler's Neighborhood. Visitors (3 years and under) can play with toys, climb the soft pyramid, or interact with the sensory walls as they explore their curiosity in the world around them.
Essilor Eye Care Center
Optometrists receive training on common eye conditions and how to take good care of eyes. They explore different various Essilor lenses that help provide better eye sight. We say it truthfully – it's good to SEE YOU!
Proudly partnered with Essilor:
Fashion Studio
Commercial Model and Runway Model
In this exciting establishment, visitors work as a Runway Model by customizing a Zuper Ztylish outfit and learn how to waltz down the catwalk with flair. We want all visitors to know their beauty and value, so this is a place open to ALL visitors regardless of who they are or what limitations they may have.

Visitors can also try their hand as a Commercial Model by repping a Kool product or service. You know that impossibly cute smile your kid gives you when they're asking you for something? Let them put it to work!
Favor Delivery Service
KidZania Runners navigate urban landscapes and operate within strict deadlines to deliver and collect important packages and parcels. Visitors love the freedom and sense of responsibility they feel in this mobile activity.
Proudly partnered with Favor:
Fire Station
Do you have a little hero in your life? Our fire department requires courage and compassion, but we think your visitors have it in them – working as a team, they'll learn about fire, fire prevention, and how to put fires out. They will need to pay careful attention in their training though, as they just might find themselves responding to a big emergency in a flashing fire truck…
Fitness Center
Personal Trainer
In our gym, all visitors are welcome and encouraged regardless of fitness level. Visitors are inspired to help train Urbano, one of our RightZKeepers, in his quest to get in shape for a career as a Police Officer. Visitors pump up their knowledge on health, fitness and nutrition while using an engaging interactive board and kid-friendly fitness equipment.
Government Office
Job Candidate
Visitors will learn about their strengths and interests by taking an aptitude test, and then get advice about what careers they might want to pursue while at KidZania. Your child's promising future awaits!

Visitors will discover the important ways taxes contributes to their community in a Kool interactive way before choosing what cause to direct the taxes from their earnings to. Taxes has never been this fun!

Visitors and Parents/Guardians can get advice as to which activities they might enjoy doing together in KidZania. Most of the core activities are purely for visitors, but we like to provide opportunities for parents/guardians to make memorable shared experiences together by providing several joint participation activity options.
Kent Bicycle Repair & Testing Lab
Bike Designer & Tester
Visitors work as cycling enthusiasts to help with testing and maintenance of Kent bikes. As design engineers and the service crew, visitors learn about bike safety, road safety for cyclists. They test bikes through an immersive experience. They get to know different types of bikes/bike-parts and perform basic bike maintenance.
Proudly partnered with Kent Bicycles:
Kinder Chocolate Factory
As the demand skyrockets, the chocolate factory is running full throttle to supply the Kinder Joy eggs. Every factory engineer must follow strict hygiene protocols, remember the process and follow the instructions while they operate the machines and manufacture a new batch.
Proudly partnered with Kinder:
Media Center
Something Kool will appear here soon – stay tuned!
Music Studio
Musicians record a song while learning to use electronic instruments and collaborating with band members.
Natural Disaster Training Center
First Responder in Training
In the Natural Disaster Training Center, visitors role-play as First Responders in Training, first undergoing a thrilling tornado simulation, after which they perform a risk assessment and rescue mission. They'll be hit with a whirlwind of science, safety tips and fun!
Organic Farm
Something Kool will appear here soon – stay tuned!
Pie Five Pizza Shop
Pizza Chef
In KidZania's Pizza Shop, visitors are inspired to create custom delizioso pizzas in a fun, fast and easy process as they also learn about the pizza business and food safety. They are offered a chance to give a unique name to their personal pizza pies based off the ingredients they've chosen and of course get to participate in the best part of the activity: eating the finished product!
Proudly partnered with Pie Five:
Police Department
Police Officer
We need your visitors to help us keep the streets of KidZania safe! They can join our police force and help us to maintain law and order in the city. After completing the training, they will need to stay vigilant and make sure no laws are broken. Working with their fellow officers, they will help us stop crime and solve tricky cases using their analytical skills.
Recycling Center
Recycling Specialist
At KidZania, we want to start training tomorrow's environmental heroes today. In our Recycling Center, our young Specialists are in charge of recycling paper and follow the whole process of molding scraps into new sheets, learning about both the technical side and the environmental importance of recycling.
Science Lab
Something Kool will appear here soon – stay tuned!
Southern Methodist University of KidZania
Sparking bright ideas and encouraging creativity in education, KidZania's National University inspires students to continue their schooling to the highest level of learning before embarking on their future career. With five majors to choose from, visitors see the bigger picture and the career opportunities they unfold.

Once Students have graduated from the University, they will earn higher salaries with job roles relevant to their degrees.
Proudly partnered with Southern Methodist University:
Spotify Podcast Studio
Podcasters discover the "power of their voice" as they talk and debate about fun & interesting topics while learning about the world of streaming audio and content development.
Proudly partnered with Spotify:
Styling Salon & Barber Shop
Hair Stylist
Hair Stylists are in charge of making beautiful hairstyles and learn new techniques and styles in the process. Visitors develop agency by choosing any hairstyle they like from the catalog and role-play as a stylist, model, or both.
Takis Climbing Wall
Climbing Trainee
Here, the climbing wall instructors teach their trainees techniques to develop courage and climbing skills to make it to the top. This wall is for children willing to test their bravery, push themselves to daring heights and Face The Intensity.

Minimum height requirement is 48".
Proudly partnered with Takis:
Texas Health Resources Hospital and ER
Our ER team is always looking for paramedics who are dedicated, quick-thinking and ready for action! Visitors will learn about first aid skills and specific injury scenarios to help the Paramedic team. They should stay alert as they just might have to put their training into action sooner than they think using our Zuper Kool ambulance!

Visitors will learn how to save a life in the operating room with the help of our expert Head Surgeon! Using specialist medical equipment and tools, our team of young doctors will play an important role in helping our patients towards a quick recovery. From state-of-the-art brain surgery to heart transplants, and more, our surgery experiences are truly a 'cut above' the rest!

NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) Nurse

Nurses in the NICU Unit will learn how to look after a baby using advanced equipment like incubators and feeding tubes. Beyond advanced treatments, they will learn how to measure their height and weight, play with them, change their diapers, put them to sleep, etc. They'll have so much fun that they'll leave crying for more!

MRI Technologist
Using advanced MRI equipment, visitors will perform diagnostic imaging tests to assess patient injuries and conditions. They will learn about the science behind MRI's and discover more about health and the human body while guiding patients through the imaging process and analyzing the results.
Proudly partnered with Texas Health Resources:
Texas Health Resources Sports Medicine Center
Sports Medicine Therapists
Visitors work as Trainee physicians and Athletes here. They learn the right techniques while playing their favorite sport. Prepare the body and mind for performance. Learn to prevent injuries with right routines and practice. Identify injuries and understand the appropriate rehabilitation and recovery process.
Proudly partnered with Texas Health Resources:
Actor/ Actress
Sit back, relax and enjoy the show as your young thespians give a live performance based off what they've quickly learned and rehearsed at the acting academy. All visitors are welcome to watch!
Toddler Construction Site
Construction Worker
This is part of the Toddler's Neighborhood. Visitors (3 years and under) can work with kid-friendly blocks and create their own building.
Proudly partnered with Turner:
Turner Steel Structure
.Rope Access Trainee
At our exciting climbing building, visitors can take their career interests to new heights… literally! They utilize perseverance, balance, hand-eye coordination, physical strength and good old-fashioned determination to strive for the top while attached to a rope and harness, receiving instruction and encouragement from our instructor as they go.

Minimum height requirement is 48".
Proudly partnered with Turner:
Cashier and Guard
Are your visitors ready to build their sense of responsibility by taking on one of the most important jobs in the city? They'll start off learning to spot fake currency under a UV light before jumping into their role as a Vault Guard, where they will deliver and collect kidZos across KidZania.
Vet Clinic
Young Veterinarian trainees become experts in their field, learning how to identify and address animal welfare needs. Our compassionate Vets will learn about good pet nutrition, hygiene, and responsible pet owner practices, while also getting the chance to perform an X-ray on a furry patient to diagnose a condition and prescribe a treatment.
WFAA TV Studio
News Anchor/ Reporter
In our fast-paced WFAA (Dallas' ABC Affiliate Station) TV Studio, visitors can become part of the Good Morning Texas team. The broadcast features a combination of breaking news, intriguing interviews, sports news, live reporting from a hot spot, and weather.

Camera Operator
Visitors can try their hand on the other side of the camera by helping to video our live broadcast, developing focus and basic camera skills in the process.

Studio Audience
Watch Good Morning Texas as it's broadcasted live from our KidZania TV Studio. Seating in the viewing gallery is limited, so it is mainly recommended for friends and family of our presenters and crew.
Proudly partnered with WFAA:
Zity Tour Bus
Tour Guide
If visitors want to earn a salary while developing their public presentation skills, then they can train to be a professional Tour Guide! Visitors learn how to welcome passengers aboard the bus and tell them all about the city as they ride around KidZania. Our Head Tour Guide will make sure they are equipped with maps and fun facts to share with our tourists, so reading skills are important in this activity. BUSiness is booming, so don't delay!

2601 Preston Rd. Suite 3011. Frisco, TX 75034

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