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When you check in at the KidZania Airport, you'll receive:
Security Bracelets:
Everyone visiting the city will be issued a security bracelet to ensure your child remains safe and checks out with you.
50 kidZos:
KidZ ages 4+ will receive our special KidZania currency to use in and around the city. They will be able to earn, spend, save, or donate their kidZos depending on the activities they choose.
Remind your child to stand in line to secure their spot for the chosen activity.
Great dining options! Enjoy interactive restaurants like Pie Five Pizza, Mooyah Burger Fries & Shakes, Zweet Treatz Bakery, 7-Eleven, and more. Cash and credit cards accepted.
Check the information boards to learn about roles, kidZo transactions, age and height requirements, and activity durations. Need Help? Ask our friendly Zupervisors.
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KidZania Map
Steel Structure
Hospital / Emergency Room
Podcast Studio
Rope Access Training
Fire Department
Fitness Training Center
Acting Academy
Fashion Studio
Vet Clinic
Media Center — Under Development
Department Store
Animation Studio
Creative Design Studio
Music Studio
Zity Tour Bus
Yogurt Innovation Factory
Match Factory
Styling Salon
Natural Disaster Training Center
Delivery Service
Police Department
Crime Scene Investigation
Dental Clinic
Sports Medicine Center
TV & Media Studio
Departures – Park Exit
Aviation Academy
Eye Care Center
Pie Five Pizza
Happy Taco
Pie Five Pizza
Candy Shop
Mini Melts
KidZania Shop
KidZania Shop
Emergency Exit
Department Store
Emergency Exit
SuperFood Lab
Interactive Bakery
Registrations — Ticket Counters
Chocolate Factory
Photo Booth
PaZZport Office
Home Services Center
Parents Lounge
Government Office
Bicycle Service Center
Party Rooms
Level 1
Departures — Park Exit
Airport entrance
Level 2
1. Toddler Neigborhood — Free Play Area
2. Steel Structure
3. Hospital / Emergency Room
4. University
5. Podcast Studio
6. Rope Access Training
7. Fire Department
8. Fitness Training Center
9. Pie Five Pizza
10. Acting Academy
11. Fashion Studio
12. Theatre
13. Happy Taco
14. Chocolate Factory
15. Yogurt Innovation Factory
16. Bakery
17. Home Services Center
18. Match Factory
19. Styling Salon
20. Natural Disaster Training Center
21. Delivery Service
22. Police Department
23. Crime Scene Investigation
24. Bicycle Service Center
25. Dental Clinic
26. Sports Medicine Center
27. TV& Media Studio
28. Animation Studio
29. Music Studio
30. Creative Design Studio
31. Vet Clinic
32. Vault
33. Bank
34. Zity Tour Bus
35. Super Food Lab
36. Media Center — Under Development
37. Aviation Academy
38. Eye Care Center
39. Recycling Center
Toddler Neigborhood — Free Play Area
Happy Taco
Recycling Center