KidZania flips the traditional field trip on its head

At KidZania, students choose between 100+ immersive hands-on, real-world jobs in diverse fields… and discover a world of infinite possibilities!

Entertaining and educational

KidZania sets the stage for children to engage in role-play and make the experiences a realistic as possible. Our environment allows students to apply what they've learned in the classroom, calculate and take risks and explore different areas of interest while having fun and learning.

Education + Entertainment

KidZania builds a bridge between schools and the real world. It's an experience-based learning environment where students become active participants in their learning process by putting theory into practice through role-play.

Our content is developed by leading educators, child experts, and creative designers. Aligned with educational standards and local school curriculum, KidZania prepares students for a promising future. That is why teachers in all 28 countries where KidZania is operating put the city built for kids at the top of the list for extracurricular school visits.

As seen in the following matrices, many of the role-play experiences have cross-disciplinary components where students may improve in a broad range of competencies during the same activity.
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There is only one entrance and exit (excluding fire exits) that are always manned by our Safety and Security Team, which are licensed by the Texas Private Security Board.

Kids and accompanying adults receive RFID security bracelets that are electronically linked to one another. Students cannot exit KidZania without the adult they are matched with.

Speaking of adults, no adult is granted entry unless accompanied by a child.

The entire facility is outfitted with CCTV cameras that are placed strategically throughout to ensure there are no blind spots or hiding places. All of this is monitored 24/7 by our Safety & Security Team.

Safety and Security
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